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"I just wanted to let you know your site brought tears to my eyes.  I am new to homeschooling and did not do it by choice.  God made sure I had no other alternative (talk about closing doors) and I was not happy about it until I started doing it.  I had been praying for God to make his purpose for me known and after a lot of prayer I knew I was meant to be a mother, but that was not all God had in mind.   Once I started homeschooling I knew this was my purpose.  I LOVE IT!  I went from being against homeschooling to being a huge advocate! I have seen such positive changes in my kindergartener since she came home.  It took 3 months to flush out what 3 weeks of public school had done to her!  We both LOVE it and she actually dreads the weekends!  Anyway I was moved by your site as it expressed everything I feel inside.  Homeschooling is such a blessing and so important! Thanks for your hard work in providing this site." Geneva B.



 "Christian families are experiencing spiritual revival through Biblical home education." Elizabeth Smith, wife of HSLDA president Mike Smith

"The best gift we can give our children is an education that is built with the Word of God as it's foundation, from preschool on, in the safety of a loving home.  Homeschool your preschoolers, in fact, homeschool all the years."  Denise Kanter, Morningstar Educational Network





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 "All your children shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be the peace of your children."  Isaiah 54:13

Our FREE Education Resource Package includes a DVD with the following programs:

"Why Homeschool?": A 40 minute program that reviews the reasons to homeschool and offers insight on how to get started.

 "Education in Today's Culture":  Heart felt testimonies from Dr. Tim La Haye, Pastor and Author, World Net Daily Publisher Joseph Farah and others.  Approx. 40 minutes.

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MorningStar Educational Network (MSEN) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization founded by Gary and Denise Kanter in 1994.  MSEN's mission is to help families discover the importance of training children upon Scriptural principles with the Bible and God's values as the foundation to all that a child learns.  MSEN sponsors the following websites/ministries:,,,, *

"All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness". 2 Timothy 3:16


"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."  Proverbs 22:6